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How To Consider The EMC EMC/EMI

March 9, 2018 23:21:12 Reply

In the design of PCB, how to consider the EMC EMC/EMI, which aspects should be taken into consideration? What measures do you take?

A good EMI/EMC design must take account of the location of the device, PCB stacking arrangement, important online routing, device selection and so on. For example, the position of the clock generator are advised not to close external high-speed signal connector, try to walk and pay attention to inner impedance matching characteristics of continuous and reference layer to reduce the reflection device push signal slope (slew rate) as small as possible to reduce the high frequency components, choose to pay attention to the coupling (decoupling/bypass) meets the demand for lower frequency response power capacitor noise. In addition, pay attention to the high frequency signal current return path to make the loop area as small as possible (i.e. loop impedance loop impedance as small as possible) to reduce the radiation range, can also be used to control the formation of segmentation noise finally, choose proper PCB and shell grounding point (chassis ground).

January 8, 2019 20:06:57 Reply

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