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PCB Engineers Must Pay Attention: The Basic Guidelines For Wiring Design_Part 01

January 20, 2018 20:06:04 Reply

In the electronic product design, PCB layout is the most important step, the layout of PCB layout will have a direct impact on the performance of the circuit. Now, although there is a lot of software that can automate PCB placement and routing, as the frequency of the signal increases, in many cases, engineers need to understand the basics of PCB placement and routing in order to make their design flawless and " PCB (printed circuit board) layout and wiring 100 asked "covers the basic principles of PCB layout and design techniques and answers to questions and answers on the PCB layout wiring problems, PCB designers is very rare practical reading , Welcome everyone on the basis of this supplement and improve.

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1. [Q] What should pay attention to high frequency signal wiring?


(1). Signal line impedance matching;

(2). Space isolation from other signal lines;

(3). For digital high-frequency signals, differential lines will be better;

2.[Q] In the layout, if the line density, vias may be more, of course, will affect the electrical performance of the board, how to improve the board's electrical performance?

[A]:Low-frequency signal, the hole does not matter, high-frequency signal to minimize vias. If more lines can consider multilayer;

3. [Q]: Is it better to add more decoupling capacitors on the board?

[A]:decoupling capacitor needs to be at the right place plus the appropriate value. For example, add on the supply port of your analog device and use different capacitance values to filter spurious signals of different frequencies;

4.[Q] A good board What is its standard?

[A]:reasonable layout, power line redundancy enough power, high-frequency impedance impedance, low-frequency alignment simple.

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