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PCB Engineers Must Pay Attention: The Basic Guidelines For Wiring Design_Part 02

January 29, 2018 21:57:31 Reply

The Basic Guidelines For Wiring Design_Part 02


5.[Q] What is the difference between the through-hole and blind hole? What is the principle of application?


Blind holes or buried holes is an effective way to increase the density of layers, reduce the number of layers and the size of the board, and greatly reduce the number of plated through holes. However, in comparison, through-hole in the process to achieve good, lower cost, so the general design are used through-hole.

6.[Q] In analog-digital hybrid systems, it suggested that the electrical layer be split and the ground plane be made of a piece of copper, while others suggest that the electrical ground planes be split and different ground connected at the source, The path is far, how to choose the appropriate method?


If you have a high-frequency "20MHz signal line, both in length and in number, you need at least two layers for this analogue high-frequency signal. A layer of signal lines, a large area, and the signal line layer need to play enough vias to the ground. The purpose is:

1, for analog signals, which provides a complete transmission medium and impedance matching;

2, the ground plane to analog signals and other digital signals isolated;

3, The circuit is small enough, because you hit a lot of holes, there is a large plane.

7.[Q] In the application of high-speed signal chain, for many ASICs there are analog and digital ground, whether it is used to split, or not? What is the existing guidelines? Which effect is better?


So far, there is no conclusion. Under normal circumstances you can check the chip manual. All mixed chip ADI manuals recommend you a ground solution, some are recommended commons, and some are recommended isolated. It depends on the chip design.

To be continued....


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