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Recommend PCB Engineer A Fast PCB Prototype Factory PCB Manufactures

January 23, 2018 21:08:17 Reply

PCB engage,certainly cannot do without do some research on the PCB board, or a prototype of what; most people choose Universal Printed Circuit Board or etching; I choose to paint them in my own to PCB model factory, to give me beauty and neat production; and the failure rate is low;

You can find many such small batch model to do a search on the Internet business; the first time I bought boards from Wish , but the quality is passable; although not what big problem! But Time is so long and it lose package many times, I loved Electronic boards diy, two or three days will have to send out a sample board or a small batch; then decided to find a bigger businesses to do it.

Then began search, find a <4pcb assembly> PCB, and then began to regularly send some samples and small batch to do so has continued to do almost more than 3000 dollars (a total of ten sets of model board);

Until one day I sent a board of TDA7498 digital power amplifier to do it, and the salesman called me. They say that my board had too many holes should add $50 to production it.

I love the high density board, after all the bigger board the more money will cost, but certainly digital amplifier will use some holes for heat dissipation and excessive current; the salesman said disappointed me, What is the age now, charges with holes?, let her (yes is a lady) cancel my order;

My board width is 8CM long 15CM double plate 1.6MM thick hole number is close to 900, in accordance with the hole diameter 0.7MM hole hole is 0.3MM to safety distance is 0.7+1.2=1.9*900 =1710; PCB 80*150=12000; relatively hole only accounted for PCB of the 1/7 area; should not after all not accounted for PCB of the 1/ 4 area

The order was cancelled but the model could not be cancelled, so looking for the Internet ready for a look at this; and find the PCBIndex; the same data transmission up is actually cheaper than the price; PCBIndex & 4pcb assembly; cheap almost $50, if it is $100 4pcb assembly were overcharged $150 cheaper; but they encountered a problem, 4pcb assembly model to choose the color of oil is free, you can choose red, green, blue, yellow, and PCBIndex select PCB color to add $10; this is a little expensive

; fortunately the default color (green color)is free, I think it doesn't matter, I just use a board to diy, no matter what color, price is reasonable;

From May to July 16, a year of more than $4000 PCB was done at PCBIndex, and the cost of buying components at PCBIndex was about $10000.

I just want to say "4pcb assembly". you are so expensive. In addition, if you make a sample recommendation, you can go to PCBIndex, which is cheaper. As I often diy electronic,In PCB can save more then $1500 in one year.

Later I recommend my friends to go to, order, feel very cheap price and good speed, this is good!

January 31, 2018 13:34:41 Reply

yes also recommend