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Share Something About Circuit PCB Design Tips

January 16, 2018 21:45:04 Reply

1,When PCB design, the chip power bypass filter capacitor should be as close to the device as possible, the typical distance is less than 3MM.

2, When draw the PCB, the amplifier input and output signals below the foot and the feedback resistor do not go in other lines, this can reduce the parasitic capacitance between different lines affect each other to make the amplifier more stable.

3, SMT high-frequency devices can be better and also with small size at the same time.

4, The circuit board wiring as short as possible while keeping in mind its length and width to minimize parasitic effects.

5, For the power cord processing power cord parasitic characteristics of the worst DC resistance and self-inductance so when the cloth power cord to widen as much as possible.

6, For the amplifier input and output cables above the current is very small so that they are very susceptible to the parasitic effects on them a lot of harm.

7, for more than 1CM signal path is best with controlled impedance and both ends of the termination (matching resistance) transmission line.

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