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The Principles To Save High-Speed PCB Design

January 12, 2018 0:44:38 Reply

1, As far as possible use 45 ° wiring, don't use 90 ° to reduce the radiation of high-frequency signals; (High standard Need double arc).

2, Any signal lines do not form a loop, if unavoidable, the loop should be as small as possible; signal lines to minimize vias.

3, The key line as short and thick as possible, and with protection on both sides.

4, Through the flat cable to send sensitive signals and noise signals with the field, to use "ground - signal - ground" approach leads.

5, The key signal should be reserved for test points to facilitate the production and maintenance testing purposes.

6, When schematic wiring is completed, the wiring should be optimized.

At the same time, after the initial network inspection and DRC check is correct, the unrouted area filled with ground wire, with a large area of copper for ground wire, don't used the printed circuit board are connected to the ground as the ground Line . Or made of multi-layer board, power, ground occupied by a layer. I believe your design ability will be greatly enhanced.

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