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PCBINDEX was founded in 2006,Headquartered in Shenzhen, China. With over ten years of experience in PCB(including PCB prototype) field, we are committed to meeting the demands of customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost efficiency, ect.. As one of the most experienced PCB manufactures in China, we take pride in serving as your business partner who can supply the PCB products which are exactly what you need.

PCBINDEX is the largest PCB prototype manufacturer in China, therefore, it’s most ideal choice for all PCB users. As a high-tech enterprise in PCB manufacturing and sales, our company specializes in the design of high-speed PCB prototype ranging from 1 to 4 layers. Our products have already been widely applied in all kinds of fields, such as, communication equipment, computer peripherals, medical apparatus and instruments, LED lighting, industrial control, household electronics, other intelligent electronic productions ,etc.. Characterized by the shortest lead time and the most favorable price, PCBINDEX is currently one of the most competitive brands in China. Our company has an office of 1500 square meters in Shenzhen and our staff here has amounted to 120, including engineers, technicians, customer service representatives, financial staff. What’s more, our production base is located in Guangde PCB Industrial Park with a plant area of 30,000 square meters and the number of professionals here is over 180.

PCBINDEX has put huge fund in introducing a series of high-grade, high-precision automobile equipment for production and testing, such as, numerical control drilling, automatic plating line, exposing machine, AOI testing machine, high-speed flying probe tester, etc.. Professional salesmen, IT and production personnel have been trained to respond rapidly to the demands of customers and provide customer service around the clock. We have also developed our own online PCB ordering and CRM management system to provide online self-help quotation, ordering, payment, tracking, etc., by which customers can place orders and take delivery of goods in an easier and more convenient way. Besides, PCBINDEX also attaches great importance to quality management and we have already obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification. Advanced ERP management system for customers to order freely for themselves is also introduced to offer online ordering, pricing, payment, production schedule inquiry for users. Being safe and reliable, these systems are intended to provide first-class service for our customers.

With the plant being close to Shanghai Logistics Center, the largest import and export port across China, we can guarantee the shortest lead time as we have our own vans for delivery. Compared with other traditional modes of transportation, it can save 1 to 2 days of shipment time. With a distance of 200 kilometers in total, it takes only 2 hours for our drivers to transport products from the factory to the logistics center in Shanghai(DHL logistics center), which means products can be shipped to the plane to the customers’ country 6 hours after being produced. What’s more, we will spare no efforts to offer shorter lead time and more excellent service.

Our philosophy : Fast, Accurate, Excellence!

Fast PCB prototype: a guarantee of shipment in 24 hours.

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