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    *min 3mm
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  • *Both sides bevelling with 35°,Same treatment with chosen Surface Finish
    Via Process:
  • *For Gerber files, This choose is useless. it will be made according files as default.
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    Why Us

    Rapidness, accuracy and excellence have always been our philosophy. Our goal is to become the most excellent small-scale PCB prototype manufacturer. Rapidness: We can ensure the completion of PCB prototype production in 48 hours; Accuracy: We can ensure that PCB prototypes are manufactured exactly based on your requirements; Excellency: Our high-grade production & testing equipment and senior engineers are guarantees for the quality of our PCB prototypes. Our service will make your R&D an easier and more relaxing work.

    We have three shifts a day to ensure an on-time delivery rate of over 99%. Meanwhile, our factory is near from Shanghai Logistics Center, which is the largest import and export port in China. The van trucks which are subordinate to our company can help save 1-2 days of delivery time compared with others as it only takes two hours for our drivers to deliver the PCB directly to the DHL logistics center in Shanghai, which means PCBs can get on the plane to your country within 6 hours after they are finished manufacturing.