Why Us?

Our philosophy

Rapidness, accuracy and excellence have always been our philosophy. Our goal is to become the most excellent small-scale PCB prototype manufacturer. Rapidness: We can ensure the completion of PCB prototype production in 48 hours; Accuracy: We can ensure that PCB prototypes are manufactured exactly based on your requirements; Excellency: Our high-grade production & testing equipment and senior engineers are guarantees for the quality of our PCB prototypes. Our service will make your R&D an easier and more relaxing work.

On-time delivery

We have three shifts a day to ensure an on-time delivery rate of over 99%. Meanwhile, our factory is near from Shanghai Logistics Center, which is the largest import and export port in China. The van trucks which are subordinate to our company can help save 1-2 days of delivery time compared with others as it only takes two hours for our drivers to deliver the PCB directly to the DHL logistics center in Shanghai, which means PCBs can get on the plane to your country within 6 hours after they are finished manufacturing.   

Quality guarantee

We have over 180 PCB engineering technicians from the factory who have rich experiences. Besides, we have also put huge funds in introducing from America, Germany, Japan a series of high-grade, high-precision automobile equipment for production and testing such as, numerical control drilling, automatic plating line, exposing machine, AOI testing machine, high-speed flying probe tester, etc.. In addition to the basic visual inspection, all the circuit boards have passed the strictest tests. All these complete and accurate processes will serve as a reliable guarantee to the quality of our PCB prototype.

Excellent after-sale service

When you place an order online, our engineering technicians will offer you professional approval service for free. After being approved, your order will be transferred to the production department to ensure delivery in the shortest time. When you have questions, you can ask or email to our online customer service staff, and we will give a satisfying answer ASAP.

Fair pricing

The price of PCB prototype is posted on our website through online pricing system to ensure that it is fair and transparent without extra charges. Our engineering technicians will offer you the best suggestions in terms of quantity and quality. Besides, the advanced ERP system has not only greatly improved production efficiency but also reduced products cost. Therefore, our products are one of the most competitive ones around the world.

An MOQ of 5 pieces

The minimum order quantity for PCB prototypes is 5 pieces with no extra charges.

Quick response

We have sound network interactive system to ensure you get PCB quotation online. You can also log in the “membership” zone to check the status of the order. Our website offers you a chance to communicate with us online in an efficient way, which will greatly save your time and energy which might be spent more in sending e-mails or making telephone calls otherwise, thus greatly increasing efficiency.

Return and refund

You can ask for return of PCB or refund with the fright borne by us if the PCB prototypes are found not qualified due to force manures or to malfunction due to our fault with the refund being returned to your bank account or your account in PCBINDEX for next payment, or we can also remake the PCB prototype and send it back to you.

Brand guarantee

PCBIndex.com is one of the most excellent PCB manufacturers and PCB assemblers in Shenzhen which is one of the best R&D and manufacturing center for electronics in China or even the world. With no middlemen, we can provide the PCB to you directly in good quality yet with a low price.

Environmental awareness

PCBIndex.com is a company with strong sense of social responsibility in the PCB industry. Though production of PCB products is unavoidably coupled with pollution, we are in strict compliance with the environmental policy published by the government.

Professional marketing, technology and production team
provide 24 hours 365 days technical support to customers.

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